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@nnennab, @nnescorner and @nestreya at the Brooklyn Museum

Craze is a space to discover and experience African art and culture through fashion. Convoluted? Yes! But nothing about Africa, Africans or our ways are straightforward. At Craze, we believe that every design is backed by a story- a history, portrayed through fabrics, colors, texture and stitches.

Simply put, Craze is set to commercialize African fashion by making it accessible and sought after globally. Craze exposes you to real African designs created by indigenous African designers and artisans. We are over the “African prints” and designs that have been stripped of their roots and sold at exorbitant prices in conventional stores that have limited idea of the fashion. We want to make real African designs accessible to everyone, irrespective of your location.

Fashion is a very personal experience, and African fashion is even more so. In Nigeria, for example, when you want a new outfit, you visit the tailor’s shop. You enjoy the perks of explaining your ideas of the outfit in detail. You can even go as far as sketching your desired outfit or providing a picture(s) of what you want. The fashion experience is complete, from choosing your own fabric to describing the exact style you have in your head. You may even call or go back to the tailor multiple times to ensure that the outfit is in sync with the style you have in mind. It’s this exhilarating experience that we want to bring to you – regardless of where you are in the world, we will bring the Craze to you.

Why Craze? What is in the name? In Nigeria, we have a common saying “e be like say you dey Craze.” It’s Pidgin English and means “seems like you’ve gone crazy,” alternatively it could mean “seems like something has possessed you.” The second meaning is what defines Craze users – a clan intrigued and possessed by African style and fashion.

So how does it actually work? We skipped the hassle of signing up and signing in, you are welcome to any and all of our content for free (copyright applies). Currently, we are listing designers in New York but will soon expand our network to include African locations and other global cities. We want to get it right, so this may take some time. We will be featuring several designs and outfits on our website. For every design we feature, we will let you know who created it, how to contact them and if it’s available for purchase online. We will also bring you exciting content on the lifestyle and practices of designers and the fashionistas who wear their designs.

This is a journey we are excited to embark on. If you, like the rest of the world, are even mildly infatuated with anything African, then Craze is a space for you.

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