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The origins of the name ‘Kalakuta’ pays a tribute to Fela Kuti. ‘Kalakuta’ is the communal compound that housed Fela’s family, his band members, dancers, and recording studio.

You wouldn’t call me a typical designer as I use fashion and modeling to express myself. Most of my work tell various different stories but they all connect back to my personal experience of being an immigrant in Canada. I am a proud Nigerian who has been fortunate enough to learn and embrace the multicultural fabric of Canada – and, that is expressed through the collective work I produce.

I created Déji Kalakuta clothing brand because I wanted to get centred and unlock my creative side. My brand is stimulating and acts as a means of self-expression.  (Which has been a gracious journey so far). Déji Kalakuta was created out of love, my love for arts & fashion, my love for creativity and the energy behind my best spent days and most successful goals.

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Pinstripe Top & Pants by Déji Kalakuta
Dashiki Cut Shirt by Déji Kalakuta
Black and White Stripe Shirt by Déji Kalakuta
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