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Morin.O is a leather accessories design and manufacturing business, founded by savvy contemporary African art collector and veteran Morin Obaweya. Our core strength lies in our commitment and ethos of being the best in the leather goods industry through service, attention to detail and strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Morin.O is a sustainability driven company that supports women and children and healthcare foundations and initiatives from its proceeds. We are a contemporary leather goods line, inspired by ethnic accessories and designs for the chic, confident and innovative individual. At Morin.O we don’t just make leather accessories, we create them with you in mind; hence, our tag line is …You. Leather. Artistry!

We accentuate your style, to give you a platform of personal expression, for that priceless fulfilment.

In the ‘Morin O’ world of Leather, we push to open your mind, so your eyes are opened to the endless possibilities that you will see. That’s right. You deserve it.
Afterall, it’s all created to ‘accentYOUate’ you.

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Metallic Slippers $75 by Morin.O
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