Styles from Nigeria

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$75 by Thandos
Crocs Unisex Leather Sandal by Kit4Kings
Brown Leather Sandals by Kit4Kings
Metallic Slippers $75 by Morin.O
Adire Shanehneh Skirt by Fruché
Ankara Skirt and Blouse by Kathy Anthony
Ije Wrap Dress $129 by Ace Kouture
Red Kaima Jumpsuit $119 by Ace Kouture
Ziomah Jumpsuit $99 by Ace Kouture
Ankara Bomber Jacket by Bubu Blaq
Miju Wrap Dress 21,420 NGN by Grey Velvet Stores
Ogechi Color Block Dress 26,775 NGN by Grey Velvet Stores
Short Sleeve Kaftan with Trousers 19,815 NGN by JZO Fashion
The Funbi Adire Top 14,460 NGN by JZO Fashion
The Umo Set by Bubu Blaq
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