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Ankara Jumpsuit by Atieapa Designs
Mellow Yellow Dress by Barkers-Woode Dressmakers
Bonsu Print Shirt by Keky3 Fabrics
The Ohene Blazer 120 USD by No-Tribe Clothing
Miju Wrap Dress 21,420 NGN by Grey Velvet Stores
Ogechi Color Block Dress 26,775 NGN by Grey Velvet Stores
The Funbi Adire Top 14,460 NGN by JZO Fashion
Kendu crop pants 75 USD by No-Tribe Clothing
The Umo Set by Bubu Blaq
Wakanda Top by BEEWAX
Tassel Tribe Crop Top $139 by Mangishi Doll Co.
MD Pencil Dress $169 by Mangishi Doll Co.
Pomba Pencil Skirt $149 by Mangishi Doll Co.
Dunni Crop Top + Kenny Skirt $70 by Yetunde Collection
Rukky dress $110 by Grey Projects
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