‘Neo Mint’ – The Color of Choice for Africans in 2020

Trends are a change or development in a general direction of an idea.
In fashion, trends are determine factors that influence construction of design, consumer buying habits, and the depiction of society’s thinking and adapting.

Fashion forecasting companies, such as WGSN, provide powerful insights about the future. Companies such as WGSN release trend reports that focus on different sectors in fashion, consumer insights, and lifestyle & interiors. All data readers retrieve on their website include forecasted information of up to 2 years in advance.
The data used for the trend reports are gathered information from cumulative sources that include:
a) intuition
b) dedicated data research and,
c) global trend analyses from various industries such as technology, politics, food, culture and socio-economics.

Bygone – Millennial Pink 2017

Looking back at color predictions made in 2017, it was expected that the Millennial Pink color would influence all areas in fashion retail. Unsurprisingly, Millennial Pink was also made strong appearance in African fashion.

www.fashionglamtrends.com (August 2017)

Marotta – Andrea Sopranzi (April 2017)

House of Deola (April 2018)

The Present – Gen-Z Yellow

In 2018, the Gen-Z Yellow color was rightly predicted to rule all aspects of fashion, accessories and tech products.

@madivasmag (2018)

Fatina Bourkadi (Pintrest 2018)

@beingupile (OkayAfrica 100 Women 2018)

Embrace the Future – Neo Mint

Looking ahead to the year 2020, insights documented by WGSN’s color director Jane Monnington Boddy, predict that the ‘Neo Mint‘ color to be the one that fashion tastemakers will incorporate in clothing.

Why? Jane Boddy says “Neo Mint is a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.”
Society imagines 2020 to be the year of technology and real life merging to bring us mind-blowing innovations. This expectation is borne from talks of flying cars, robots with personalty, human head transplant and much more.
Jane Boddy further states that “It’s the first ‘AI Olympic Games,’ where AI will be helping gymnastics judges to score marks as precisely as possible… the world’s tallest building – the neo-futuristic Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia – will be completed, standing 1km high… NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover will begin its mission to see if Mars can support microbial life… 2020 could also see Uber introducing ‘flying taxis.
With the fashion industry following suit, we expect that the trend color for S/S 2020 will embody futuristic concepts too.

As fashion artisans or consumer you should be on the look out and one step ahead of using Neo Mint as 2020 approaches. Neo Mint is not only futuristic, it is also gender neutral and strikes a balance between nature and technology.

Below we have found samples of Neo Mint already popping up in previous years within the African fashion industry.

Maki Oh RTW (Fall 2013)

Christie Brown for Elle SA – (March 2015)

www.omodemsay.com (March 2015)

Are you convinced Neo Mint will be the new color-way for S/S 2020?
Comment below and let us know your thoughts or tag @theafrocraze on Instagram when you spot Neo Mint.

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