Don’t Slip On It: Stylish Footwear by African Designers

Summer is the perfect time to free your feet with stylish yet comfortable footwear. This summer we have closely followed African designers from around the world and we bring you a stunning class of summer footwear, most of them purchasable online, and made to satisfy every inch of your summer shoe fetish!

Kene Rapu Sandals at Grey Velvet Stores

These double ring Ankara strap sandals by Kene Rapu are easy to wear and the definition of light footwear. They are available at Grey Velvet Stores locations in Nigeria and can also be purchased through the online store.


Platform Sneakers By Fashion Silueta Boutique

Inspired by the Street Art Fashion movement, these painted platform sneakers are a fun twist to your summer closet. They are available in light grey, grey and blush shades. However, they can only be purchased in-store at Repeat After Me, an eclectic boutique in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. Email for alternate purchase arrangements.


Babouches By Zyne Official

Known for a plethora of luxury babouches, Zyne Official shoes are handmade in Morocco and made for the high-end fashionista with an incline for comfort. They can be purchased at the Zyne Official online store.


Akomi Flats By Thandos

These foldable flats are machine washable, famous for their breathability and superior comfort. They available in a variety of colors via the Thandos online store or through Grey Velvet stores.



TWC Slides at Grey Velvet Stores

These TWC slides with unique print fabric accents are designed for comfort and style. However, they are available exclusively in-store at Grey Velvet Stores locations.



Metallic Slippers By Morin.O

These strip burgundy metallic slippers by Morin.O are one of the brand’s signature hand-crafted leather designs without the classic high-sticker price of a leather product. They can be purchased at the Morin.O online store.


Leather Sandals By Kit4Kings

These brown leather sandals are made for the modern man to flex his unique summer style. For purchase details see the Kit4Kings profile.


Suede Fringe Slippers By Boutikesh

Fringe styles are all the rave right now so it’s the perfect time to try these colorful handmade suede slippers by Boutikesh. Purchase at the Boutikesh online store.


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